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Patch Notes: 1.3.00

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Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • An issue concerning leaking chatter objects has been fixed - this should significantly reduce memory costs over a long uptime for any game with large numbers of non-templated rooms.


  • Scavenge containers can now have a set of fixed items that they always get in addition to that which is set up as part of a scavenge profile.
  • The lib will now prune log files over a certain age, as set in the distribution config file as 'log file retention'.
  • Static web pages are no longer generated on a delay by default, and are instead accessed via the /www/index.c file. Your web server configuration will need to be modified to make use of this by default if required.
  • A creator option to ignore locked factions has been added.
  • Quest givers can now act as hand-in points even if they are not the origin of the quest.
  • An option has been added to allow people to self-select pronouns if they identify as transgender or non-binary

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